Sale of a controlling stake in Nautika to a strategic player in 2022

Valuaiton report of Centúria Investimentos in 2022

Valuaiton report of Itajuí Gestão de Patrimônio in 2022

Sale Centro Serviços to the French group Onet in 2017 and 2022

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Sale of Bagy to Locaweb in 2021

Sale of Hospital e Maternidade Dr. Christóvão da Gama to Grupo Leforte in 2018, 2019 and 2021

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Sale of a 90% stake in Selecta to the Corean group CJ in 2017 and 2019

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Sale os a minority stake in Brilia to the american private equity fund Cartesian Capital Group in 2017

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Sale of a controlling stake in Tópico Locações to Southern Cross Group in 2015

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Sale of AD Dialeto to Accenture in 2015

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Selecta’s debt restructuring with Tenco in 2014

Acquisition of 27.8% stake in Hospital MadreCor from minority shareholders in 2014

Structuring of the financing of gas asset’s acquisition of Linde in the Americas from the German Messer for US$ 3.3 bn in 2018

Sale of a 60% stake in Linde Pakistan to Adira Capital-led private consortium in 2017

Structuring of a € 3.2 bn LBO from a acquisition of STADA to the private equity firms Cinven and Bain Capital in 2017

Sale of Aurelius Group’s SECOP to Nidec for € 185 mm in 2017

RHI Magnesita’s US$ 1.1 bn IPO in 2017

Acquisition of a 50% stake in Magnesita by RHI for € 518 mm in 2016 and 2017

Sale of a 25% stake in Voith (KUKA Robotics) to Midea for € 1.2 bn in 2016

Fairness Opinion at the sale proccess of German Vossioh Electrical Systems to the German Knorr Bremse in 2016

Sale of Stora Enso’s 80% stake in Arapoti paper mill to Papeles Bio Bio in 2015

Sale of an 80% stake in Banco BBM to BoCom for US$ 173 mm in 2015

Sale of LGR Shopping Centers’s stake in Shopping Iguatemi Salvador for US$ 118 mm in 2013

Acquisition of Innova (Petrobras) by Videolar for US$ 372 mm in 2014

Sale of a majority stake in Selecta to Corpesca in 2013

Sale of a 74% stake in BICBANCO to China Construction Bank for US$ 730 mm in 2013

Multiplan’s for US$ 300 mm Follow-On in 2013

Gol Linhas Aérea’s Senior Notes issuance for US$ 200 mm in 2013

Estácio’s US$ 350 mm Follow-On in 2013

Fairness Opinion at the sale Petrobras Argentina – PESA assets in 2013

Sale of LGR Shopping Centers stake on Shopping Plaza Macaé to BR Malls in 2012

Sale of LGR Shopping Centers stake on Shoppings Venda Nova, Via Verde and Pelotas in 2012

Acquisition of a stake in Prosperita’s Real Estate portfolio by Global Logistic Partners in 2012

Sale of Reishopping stake on Iguatemi Salvador to Aliansce and CPPIB in 2011

Sale of Hermes Pardini minority stake to Gávea Investimentos in 2011

Fairness Opinion on the acquisition of One Properties by BR Properties for US$ 3.0 bn in 2011

Acquisition of a majority stake of Manabi by Korea Investment Corporation for US$ 100 mm in 2011

Fairness Opinion at the sale proccess of Webjet to Gol Linhas Aéreas for US$ 327 mm in 2011

Creation of Brado Logística by ALL through the incorporation of Standard in 2010

Sale of two of Cerradinho’s plants (Catanduva and Potirendaba) to Noble Group for US$ 950 mm

Sale of a controlling stake in Hospital São Luiz to Rede D’Or in 2010

Acquisition of Lojas Maia by Magazine Luiza in 2010

Petrobra’s US$ 70 bn Follow-On in 2010

Redecard’s US$ 977 mm Follow-On in 2009

BR Mall’s US$ 427 mm Follow-On in 2009

Acquisition of Farmasa in Hypermarcas for US$ 400 mm in 2008

Acquisition of Macsteel by Gerdau for US$ 1.7 bn 2008 in 2008

Gerdau’s R$ 2.9 bn Follow-On in 2008

Copasa’s US$ 278 mm Follow-On in 2008

Sale of the German Abieta Chemie (Auctus Private Equity) to Rhone Capital in 2008

Sale of Quinsa (Quilmes) to Ambev in 2006, 2007 and 2008

BR Malls’ US$ 366 mm Follow-On in 2007

Sale of a 30% stake in Mhag to Noble Group for US$ 60 million in 2007

Sale of Banco Cacique to Société Générale for R$ 850 million in 2007

Sale of Atacadão to Carrefour for US$ 1.1 billion in 2007

TAM Airlines’ US$ 300 mm Bond Issue in 2007

Joint ventures realignment of the German Linde with French Air Liquide in Asia in 2007

Sale of a 45% stake in German Linde at joint venture Japan Air Gases to the French Air Liquide for US$ 790 million in 2007

São Paulo’s CTEEP
 R$ 1.2 bn Privatization in 2006

Embraer’s US$ 400 mm Bond Issue in 2006

Embraer’s R$ 17 bn Stock Reclassification in 2006

Acquisition of the England BOC by the German Linde for € 15 billion, including rights issue and hybrid debt in 2006

Acquisition of the German Brenntag (Bain) by BC Partners for € 3.3 billion in 2006

OHL Brasil’s
 US$210 mm IPO in 2005

Braskem’s for US$ 150 mm Bond Issue in 2005

Sale of MetalCutting (ThyssenKrupp) to the American private equity firm Maxcor (current BGC Partners) in 2005

Thiel Logistik’s
US$ 175 mm High Yield Bond Issue in 2005

US$209 mm Follow-On and ADR IPO in 2004