Business Areas

Mergers and Acquisitions

We provide financial and strategic advisory services in transactions involving sale, acquisition or merger of companies.

The scope of our work on these types of transactions generally entails assistance in the search for opportunities, development of business strategies, analysis of financial and operational information, preparing valuation reports, negotiating with relevant involved parties and support in drafting all final transaction agreements.

In the selling process, the phase of understanding the company and preparing for sale is crucial for streamlining the subsequent process. A well organized and clearly managed process provides security to potential stakeholders and contributes greatly to the success of the transaction. Forging a competitive environment is also key to ensuring that our customer obtains the best conditions and the best value.

During the acquisition process, the due diligence phase in the target company is vital to certifying that the operational and financial projections, and therefore the valuation, reflect the company’s unique characteristics. Part of the scope of our work involves properly coordinating other advisors, such as legal counsels, financial auditors, environmental, among others. Understanding the competitive environment, alternatives for financing, other potential sources of value such as possible synergies, and the best structure for the acquisition are variables that we follow diligently to ensure that the transaction is successful and yields the best possible return on investment.